27th September 2017

In a Foreign Setting 3.4

Time – Dystopian Future, North Korea goes to war with USA, point of view of a little kid?

Sight – Point of view of a little girl/boy, army forces rushing around the area, dead bodies lying on the ground, in pools of blood, people lying over dead bodies, fire everywhere, the horizon is lit up in the distance by the bombings.

Sound – Screaming people, sounds of guns and bombs, compare it to something else, not sure what the sound is at first, but eventually they hear screaming and realise that there is a war going on outside their house

Touch –

Taste – Taste the ash in the air

Smell –

I am a kid, in a middle class family, with both a mother and father, starts off inside and ends up outside, her parents die while she is waiting inside to see what her parents are looking at outside and ends up going outside by herself.


The day started off as a peaceful one, blue skies with fluffy clouds shaped like dogs or horses, moving soundlessly through the sky, trees swaying in the light autumn breeze, the browns and reds of the trees outside make it seem as though they are on fire. The only sounds that were being made were mum in the kitchen making my favourite meal for dinner, dad sitting on the couch watching the television, sitting next to me and my cat, Jenaya. He was watching something about a strange country called North Korea


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  1. A great beginning but a lot of work to complete this week. See me about how you would like to use your final lessons/allocated time on your Portfolio.


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